May 2009 Floodings – Kyogle/Casino/Lismore/Northern Rivers

Some of you may’ve noticed the repotrs of flooding in Brisbane over the last few days, While most of the country has been fixated on that, The same weather has moved down the coast into the Northern Rivers, The same area which i live in, Which recieved the flooding in january 2008, Some of you may remember the flood pics i posted back then.

Well the good news is, that this year, Kyogle hasnt been hit as badly as last year, However its my understanduing that lismore may’ve been hit harder, With a top os 10.4m expected in about an hour, which is supposed to flood the CBD (By radio reports)

I’ll get a few pics up of Kyogle later this evening perhaps.

I’ve attached some graphs of the river levels in Kyogle/Wiangaree/Casino to this post, I cant seem to find any of lismore right now, i’ll investigate that later (The station is probbly under water anyway..)

It seems the casino level hasnt peaked yet, but is very close, and most people seem to be safe of the water… But like i said, More later perhaps :)

Kyogle Flood: Jan 2008 Final wrap up.

Sorry for the delay in the posting of this message, Its just something i’ve been continuously putting off.

Theres not much i can really report on the topic, So if you’ve got anything specific, feel free to leave a comment and i’ll see if i can dig up the information for you.

The Bureau of Meteorology was nice enough to send me over the river height details for Kyogle/Wiangaree from the 1st of Jan, to 11th of Jan 2008, So for those interested, I’ve put together a graph:

Kyogle/Wiangaree River Levels: Flood Jan 2008

Some points used in the data on the above graph were interpolated from the data given to create a smooth line due to the data for river levels at certain times being missing(I guess they had more important things to do than measure the water level every few minutes :)). The raw CSV data is available upon request.

Current(and previous) News is indexed by Google pretty well:

AFAIK, The only (human)death that  occured during the flood was near Mullumbimby. Source

The photos i took on the 5th & 6th are available here:

Kyogle Flood: Jan 2008

Update: I’ve been out helping friends affected by the water, And have got some more photos, I’ll be uploading and posting a new entry answering most of the questions as best as i can.
Update2: Next Post

Just a quick post right now, Bringing some photos from the Kyogle Flood of Jan 2008

The Richmond River has been expecting to peak about 18m, Currently its peaked at 18.1m, Theres an online view of the current river height here:

For other rivers in the area, Have a look at the BOM‘s main river level page: